Sole to Soul: How to Identify Your Soul Purpose and Monetize IT

Do you know what your soul purpose is? Do you want to know the secret to attracting abundance in your relationships, business, health and your vision for your life? Your soul purpose is as unique as your fingerprint, and the only way to find it is by identifying what that fingerprint looks like.

We all deserve success, and the key to it lies in embracing your authenticity.

Sole to Soul: How to Identify Your Soul Purpose and Monetize It

The moment you do that and accept your soul purpose, you attract abundance in every area of your life. You are called to a purpose, and when you find it, people will naturally pay you to fulfill it, as you contribute value to their personal and professional lives. Abundance will then flow naturally as the reward for sharing your natural gifts, talents, and expertise, and finding your niche in the marketplace.

I have helped clients all over the world identify their soul purpose and figure out how to monetize it. You’ll embark on a thrilling soul journey as you read powerful success stories of people who are living their soul purposes and enjoying incredible success. To learn more or get your copy, Click Here.

Lisa Sasevich holding Sole to Soul

What people are saying about the book

Your thoughts and advice ring true. They are simple to the point of being near self-evident, yet, no one takes the time to make people think through the aspects of their business and personal lives through these goggles of simplicity. What counts in the long run and what doesn’t. What is truly satisfying to a person in the end seems the ability to feel that our lives are meaningful and important. We can’t do that living under a false ID or failing to fully realize God-given gifts.”

Nicole Kelly


“I was inspired to move into action, to create my own “fingerprint” as Melissa suggests.  The concept is so relatable. Unifying one’s soul and sole pupose is paramount to spiritual and financial growth and achievement. Each chapter is laden with helpful tips for business and life in general…”

Tricia Allen

Analyst Bombardier Aerospace , Toronto, Canada

“Sole to Soul: How to Identify your Soul Purpose and Monetize It is an authentic read that opens up your mind’s eye and guides you through the pages on achieving personal (spiritual) and financial success.”   

Michelle Christie

Founder, Motivators and Creators (MACs)

“After reading Melissa Hughes’s new book, I am so motivated to follow my dream, not trying to accomodate others by placing my desires on the back burner. The quote found in Melissa’s book states, “Vision without action is a dream.  Action without vision is simply passing the time.  Action with vision is making a positive difference.” (Joel Barker)  My plans will come to fruition by putting my vision into action.

Every person is unique (fingerprint)  and one thing I have come to realize is changing yourself to win others never work for an extended period of time.  You must be yourself (soul purpose) ; things and others will gravitate towards you when authenticity is in place.”

Mildretta Hughes

“If you have ever had an inkling to spread your wings but discarded it, or have already lifted off but desire to fly higher, devour this book. Melissa Hughes has distilled a powerful potion that inevitably will give you the inspiration, strength and guidance to be forever propelled by your soul purpose.”

Sabine Messner

Soul Purpose Catalyst & Brand Visionary, Enlightened Branding

“A powerful tool designed to empower anyone who is seeking self improvement and increase self esteem. It provides practical, easy to understand principles that can be applied by any person.”

Redinela Mani

PMP, Project Coordinator, Cancer Care Ontario

“A great book to help you make “YOU” your most valuable asset.”

Gent Asllani

Graphic Designer, Tower Litho

“I was really inspired by the imagery using fingerprints to illustrate one’s unique perspecitve.   When I was young, my grandmother always told me to be yourself and good things will happen to you.  The take away is that sometimes you have to support or challenge things that you feel are not right by taking a stance based on your morales, values, and principles.  It takes courage to present a unique position that others do not feel is the corporate line.”

Jim Francis

Director, Enterprise Strategy and Architecture, CHS

Unlike traditional authors who give advice without truly living it themselves, Melissa Hughes is the strongest type of woman who’s words come of the page and hit you in your soul.  She sparkles by building a theory of finding, and then following the calling your soul WANTS to live.   She helps develop content, skills, and reminders that will ensure true direction.  Evan’s concepts are based on belief systems and positive associations which she calls, “Tribes.”   Her comprehensive, personalized strategies help foster profound improvements in the reader’s quality of life.  Hughes is able to share information and life skills with the reader that can’t be taught in any school.  Her writings construct self esteem by answering the call the soul has dialed.

Melissa Hughes is a giving person, has had significant involvement in the community, and has a natural talent to talk to anyone.”

Tammy Valentic

Senior Project Manager, Large Healthcare Company

While devouring Sole to Soul, I felt as if Melissa Hughes was speaking directly to me, as if she wrote the book specifically for me. My favorite part was learning about my own unique fingerprint and how unique and special I am. I don’t have to be anybody but ME in order to live my dream and fulfil my purpose. Understanding the depth and knowledge that uniquely identifies me allows me to go out in the world, speak my truth, shine my light bright and be unapologetically ME. Thank you Melissa for living your purpose, in so doing I am able to live mine.

Melissa Risdon

I have helped clients all over the world identify their soul purpose and figure out how to monetize it. You’ll embark on a thrilling soul journey as you read powerful success stories of people who are living their soul purposes and enjoying incredible success.

Inspiring! Melissa Hughes guides the reader to discover or even re-discover their unique essence of purpose, vision and self-appreciation. The transformation is inevitable and real! Once you finish this book, look up and look ahead– you’ll see no limits!

Steve Cozart

President, Dynamic Appeal Communications

In Sole to Soul, Melissa Hughes takes an insightful approach to inspiring and challenging you to be the best you can be. She helps you to hone your vision and use your unique skills and gifts to pursue your dreams—and reach your destiny. Sole to Soul is a must-read for anyone who wants to understand and capitalize on their supreme purpose in life.

Tracy Barbour

M.S.M., CeM/Founder & CEO, RightResponse eMarketing

Getting clear on my big vision and achieving it is a constant challenge for me. I’ve read dozens of books, hired coaches for thousands of dollars, and gone to many, many workshops and seminars on creating your vision. Melissa’s approach is different because not only does she guide you through setting your vision, but then she goes on to talk about how to actually live your vision!

I’m excited because this is the missing piece of the puzzle in everything I’ve learned – because having a vision is one thing, but making that vision into reality is where I get stuck.  These tips have already been instrumental in helping me move towards my ultimate vision for this year!

Erin Ferree

Brand Designer, BrandStyleDesign

If you want a life living your soul purpose, living your vision and achieving success, let Melissa Hughes, the Guru of Implementation, be your guide.  This book will inspire you to be the best you can be.

AC Masiddo


If you are struggling to find and live your Soul Purpose, Melissa Hughes has a gift for you – a roadmap to your future! Because she has discovered and is successfully living her own Soul Purpose, she can show you how to live yours. She offers a unique blend of inspiration and practical steps to live your life and purpose to the fullest. You need a map to create the future you want to live, and Melissa Hughes has laid it out for you in this book. Get it and get going!

Adele Michal


Melissa has the unique ability to motivate beyond what you think you’re capable of.  She uses real language combined with practical, real wold advice.  She’s steeped in brilliance business sense and has taught me the true meaning of soul purpose living without me having to believe in a specific higher power.  If you want results that work in the real world, you need to see Melissa

Jimbo Marshall


In Sole to Soul, the reader gets to see what it looks like to live and work according to one’s soul purpose. With her illuminating discussion of the soul’s “fingerprint,” Melissa urges us to be ourselves and express our innate gifts.She consistently grounds her premises with strategies designed to help us bring out our uniqueness and make our vision real. What starts out as a possibility – the idea of living according to your soul purpose – ends up being more of a probability if we apply Melissa’s engaging principles and methods!

Deborah Lindholm

MACP, Relationship Mentor & Inner Power Expert,

Melissa Hughes is a woman who is concise, clear and confident with a heart of golden warmth and wisdom that walks her talk. She comes from the soul and her book Sole to Soul is destined to powerfully and positively impact the lives of those who are searching for their purpose within the context of their businesses and their personal lives, and how to integrate the two in a principled-centred fashion. Sole to Soul fulfilled my soul’s need for wisdom and my pragmatic need for practical life application. Loved it!

Valencia Ray

MD, Author of Empower Up and Play Big

If you are unclear about what your true purpose is, for either yourself or your business, then Sole to Soul is a must read for you. Melissa Hughes has a talent for showing how to tap into your soul purpose in a way that is easy to understand and implement. Melissa is a great teacher and source of inspiration that can bring new, fresh energy into your life and business. I can highly recommend Melissa!

Karin Volo

President, Inspiring Your Very Best, Inc.

Melissa Hughes makes a compelling case that Life’s grand stage is big enough for everyone’s unique soul purpose, and she shares her unique fingerprint formula for assessing our own calling .

Kit Furey


Sole to Soul is a must read book that is so needed today. If you are up for making a difference in your life, being successful and having fun doing it, this is the book for you. Melissa has a way of inspiring with passion, with nuts and bolts clarity, and with humor and humanity, everything we need to remind ourselves of when we go forth and express our soul purpose in the world. Her insightful teaching about our own personal fingerprint as our soul source, and how to make our gifts real and successful in the world through her process of understanding our vision is powerful, heart opening, and leaves you totally inspired to go forth and express your divine unique fingerprint for everyone to experience and enjoy. Melissa provides deep inspiration with plenty of real life how-to’s that will have you on your way to success and fun in your soul purpose.

Grab this book! The world is waiting for your unique gift now! You’ll be so happy you did. Thank you Melissa!

Joy Perreras

Creator and Mentor,

Soul to Sole touched my soul in a way that was inspirational, actionable and extremely enjoyable. The way you weave practical strategies with specific metaphors for how each of us truly make a difference in the world by believing in our own uniqueness despite the distracting illusion we often buy-into that others do the ‘same thing’ we do, was refreshing and motivating. Nice work!

Skip Weisman

The Leadership & Workplace Communication Expert

Sole to Soul is a powerful book that not only helps you to recognize and appreciate what makes you uniquely special but also helps you translate that uniqueness into doing work that is most meaningful and purposeful for you.

Sheri Varela

Author of Affirmations with Attitude

As a publicist I have seen many authors over the years discuss the issues of inspiration, purpose and happiness. Finally, an author presents a practical and clear concept on these areas that matter so much to all of us. Melissa Hughes provides an inspirational and practical roadmap to realizing who we are and how to turn that knowledge into something meaningful. This book will be on my nightstand for years to come!

Anne Leedom

Founder, Net Connect Publicity

I have always known I was different. This book, Sole to Soul, helps to validate things I knew to be true for me but never really understood. Reading about my “unique fingerprint” gives me the permission to fully embrace my ‘one of a kindness’ and relish in knowing that it is this that allows me to carve out my own path and serve in a way that is distinct and unique to me. This book inspires you to keep your dreams alive, to create a larger than life vision, embrace your brilliance and be confident in the knowledge that the Universe, in its infinite abundance, has your back. It celebrates your uniqueness and empowers you to ‘go for it’ because that is what is already yours to claim. The messages in this book are simple yet powerful. Read it to be inspired and to learn how to make your unique soul purpose give you everything you have always wanted and more!

Natalie Jobity

President of Elan Image Managemen, Author of Frumpy to Fabulous: Flaunting It

As a spiritual arts therapist, I so much appreciate inspiration through graspable metaphors full of rich imagery. Just after reading some chapters from Sole to Soul, insights flowed through me such as the vitality of our own fingerprint uniqueness, something that each of us have! This brings me such a deep sense of peace and added validation of my own uniqueness. I am touched with similar insights that I will now weave into my life as rich and practical soul nectar. Thank you Melissa for this creation! I couldn’t recommend Sole to Soul enough!

Daniella Rubinovitz

Visual Dialogue Mentor, Amsterdam

You have touched the heart of my passion with your new book. It is vital that we find and live our Soul’s purpose, identify and be our unique “Fingerprint.”

Your writing is engaging and easy to read, inspiring and filled with vital information and direction.

I am impressed, but not surprised by your masterful writing on this road map to a successful life.

Les Schmidt