Planet Abundance® Mastermind

MastermindYou’re an entrepreneur, and for good reason.  You prefer to work for yourself, to pay yourself based on your results, and you have a brilliant idea/product/service that people want.  After being in business for 12+ years myself, there are 3 main concepts that I know are needed in order to grow.

  1. The first is to remain motivated, determined and inspired when life gets in the way.
  2. The second is to have the systems and structures as well as the sales and marketing strategies to achieve the revenue goals that I expect.
  3. The third, and sometimes forgotten when we’re in “lone ranger” entrepreneur mode, is a community that supports us, sends us referrals and becomes our cheerleaders when we need a lift.

That’s why I created the Planet Abundance Mastermind.

Planet Abundance is not only effective and based on best practices, it’s different.  It’s based on the 3 concepts I mention above that are the key tenants of your success.  During the 90-day program I pair online business training (via tele-classes), live calls with me and a mastermind community that has its own forum to participate and lead discussions.

You receive:

The Inspire Success Series

  • Re-ignite your Soul Purpose and Stand In Confidence with your messaging in Business and in Life
  • Excite and Attract Customers to Work with You  and Your Company without selling your soul or your sanity
  • Make Money Doing What You Love by Making Your Offerings Irresistible

The Achieve Results Series

  • Attract High Paying Customers Now and Ring the Cash Register Right Now
  • Accomplish Meeting and Exceeding Your Company Revenue and Operation Goals and Never Looking Back
  • Effectively Master Delivering the Services of your company so that it is good enough to Sell or Transition to your Next Generation



Your Mastermind Group is like having an objective board of directors who help you:

  • Receive answers and ideas, which come from brainstorming with the group
  • Gain Experience, skill and confidence
  • Track accountability and real progress in your business and personal life
  • Create an instant and valuable support network
  • Feel a shared sense of endeavor – there are others out there like you!
  • Design things to be the way you want them to be, not as you’ve been told they “should” be

Valued at $7,500, your investment is only $5,000 (with payment options available).

If you are ready to work within a community and learn the key skills necessary to build your business, Planet Abundance Mastermind is for you.

Click here to join the Planet Abundance Mastermind.