Praise for Melissa Hughes

Skip WeismanSkip Weisman, The Leadership and Workplace Expert,

“Melissa, I’ve been extremely impressed with your coaching since we started working together. Your combination of advice and ideas on strategy and tactical application, plus your ability to mesh that with my business goals and strategic ideas has been refreshing.

Many of the ideas you have given me to accelerate my marketing are right in line with the things I’ve already been doing but have refinements and nuance I’ve never thought of before  that I believe will be able to dramatically improve the results I’m getting.

Additionally, your responsive to my submissions and questions for you has been exceptionally prompt, allowing me to implement our initiatives in a timely manner.

Working with Melissa Hughes as my business coach, I’ve had incredible measured results, highlights include:

In 2011, I made $47,000, and hired Melissa the following year to help me grow my business.  By the end of 2012 I had grown the business by 75% and in the first 3 months of 2013 I’ve already exceeded my 2011 revenue!  In addition, I’ve grown my list by 100%  and have created a speaking tour and online digital programs. Working with Melissa clearly exceeded my return on investment (ROI) goals!


Tracey Trottenberg, Founder of Amazing Women International,

Click on the video to hear how working with Melissa Hughes in a Guru VIP Day immediately impacted Tracey’s strategy and next steps in her business:

Anne Palmer, Award-winning Speaker, Author and Coach,

Click on the video to hear how working with Melissa Hughes in a Guru VIP Day helped Anne craft a business plan and strategy to build her growing coaching business and speaking platform:



Keiko Hsu, CPC, ACC, CDC, Life-After-Divorce Mentor & Certified Life Coach/Business Coach/Dream Coach®

I’ve known hundreds of great coaches and great leaders in the 30 years that I’ve been in the corporateand entrepreneurial world, and Melissa Hughes stands out among them all as an amazingly gifted coach AND leader.  Melissa embodies strength, courage, integrity, and vision.

What’s truly unique about Melissa is her diverse combination of talents and skills.  She has tremendous left-brain capabilities … intelligent, rational, process-focused, hard-working, and the best implementation expert out there …. while being incredibly intuitive, compassionate, loving, inspiring, spiritual, and committed.  I would trust her with my life.

Melissa is a very skillful coach, mentor, and teacher.  She is well-known for lovingly but firmly pushing you beyond your self-imposed limitations.  She is a terrific and inspiring role model for monetizing her soul purpose, and is so committed to teaching others to do the same.  I highly recommend her to any heart-centered entrepreneur who wants to prosper while making an impact in the world.

DrBobUslanderDr. Bob, Doctors on Purpose

Melissa Hughes gave us a very clear focus on what we need to do right away, now, this week, to plant seeds for business growth down the line. It was a pleasure to work with Melissa, and we look forward to working with her again down the line.

Debora-McLaughlinDeborah McLaughlin, MS, MHA, PhD. 

Author of The Renegade Leader,

Many leaders are great visionaries, their eyes are focused on their destination, many times they might even have the road map. Melissa Hughes is all about implementation, she provides the actions, details and the road map needed to navigate any terrain. Her resources and expertise are expansive. She will help you to achieve your goals more easily, with less stress and keep you focused and on task with her ongoing support and loving direction.

Melissa truly is a soulful spirit, her energy and open mindfulness proves to be a great asset to any leader, business owner or organization.


thomasThomas Davis

I think that this has been a really valuable experience for me. I got a lot of real functional information that I can utilize going forward. Thank you very much.  You’ve been a great mentor and have great perspective.

georgiaGeorgia Terry

With the tools, the worksheets, and the perspective, the mastermind has definitely been able to help me  to see how I can serve or develop my business and given me a lot more clarity and definition for whom my tribe is.  I can put myself out in the right way, using the right language and my tribe will find me. That makes me clarity and makes me more confident.


“Although I have been an entrepreneur for 32 years, it became apparent to me through Melissa’s teachings how I could put more emphasis in several areas, thereby increasing my revenue more than I have ever dreamed of.  Melissa has a gift for helping people look at and reassess details, then tweak them for the desired outcome of great success! ”


Nancy Paul

Melissa genuinely wants each of her clients to succeed in realizing their biggest vision for their life and business – then she encourages us to expand upon those goals!  She religiously re-evaluates how she can offer more guidance and be of more service to her clients.  Most importantly, perhaps, Melissa has taught me how to step into the role of being the CEO of my own company…and my life.

stevenSteven Manus

“Melissa Hughes is the real deal.  In my experience, she is a very good idea person, balanced by a strong practical nature and reliance upon sound business principles.  Our brainstrorming sessions were incredibly productive.  What I found uniquely in her was a reality based system with which to test these ideas and further their development.  If you’re looking for a coach who brings great energy, great ideas, great systems, and a great track record, Melissa is up there among the best.  Working with Melissa, I was able to cut through the fog which obscures clarity in the “coaching” world.  When you invest your time and energy with her she delivers in a big way.  And, she’s a generous, supportive, strong, compassionate woman.  I can recommend her services with the highest assurance that you get what you came for.  Among the many coaches and consultants out there, Melissa Hughes stands head and shoulders above the crowd – she does what she promises, and will help you develop a business with market viability, and staying power.”

PBudd3x5_4404Patricia Budd

I can’t say enough about my progress since starting to work with Melissa.

Before the Master Mind series I was definitely stuck. There was so much to do that I didn’t know where to begin. And there was a lot to do that I was not even aware of.

Melissa’s systematic approach to building a business helped me to better understand what I need to do and the order in which it needs to be done.

Most importantly it has helped me to understand what I need to let someone else do. I now have a Virtual Assistant and a Social Media assistant.

I finally feel like I’m moving.

Thanks Melissa!

ClaudineStruck_146Claudine Struck

I have joyfully worked with Melissa for over two years. Her attention to deal and strategic planning abilities are an incredible asset.  In addition her problem solving tactics has saved me time and time again. I would highly recommend investing in yourself through forming a relationship with Melissa Hughes.

imagesMariah Sievers, Transformational Coach

Melissa delivers powerful, strategic, system centered information with passion and heartfelt sincerity. Her depth of knowledge and enthusiasm inspired me to see my business from multiple angles, create a solid plan of action, and boldly take my business to the next level! When you are ready to implement new strategies in your business or get your brilliant idea into action work with Melissa Hughes! Her mastermind is BETTER than a college business course!

Donna Price,  Rose Compass ConsultingDonna Price,  Rose Compass Consulting 

A vision without an implementation plan is useless. Melissa will show you how to create systems and consistently implement your plan. She will teach you how to carry your vision through to goals and action plans. If you want to implement, talk to Melissa.

Kiki RamseyKiki Ramsey,  Keynote Speaker 

I have consulted with Melissa Hughes on a weekly basis to get coaching and have implemented what she teaches. When it comes to business training and entrepreneurial coaching, consult with Melissa. You won’t be sorry.

Hueina Su headshot red black - smallHueina Su, The Nurturer’s Coach 

I am so impressed by Melissa Hughes, the Guru of Implementation. You may have great ideas, but you need to know how to implement them. She will show you how to take action.

Matt TantMatt Tant, President of HCTec 

I really enjoy working with Melissa Hughes and the energy and excitement and professionalism she brings to our company, consultants, and clients.”

Dr. Kym A. Harris, Founder & CEO, Your SweetSpot Coaching & Consulting, LLC

“I had the pleasure of participating in Melissa’s 12-week Planet Abundance Mastermind.  I found the knowledge that Melissa shared and the tools that she provided to be relevant and timely; both have helped me establish the systems required to run a successful business.  As we progressed through the weeks, I was increasingly impressed with the generosity that Melissa demonstrated in the sharing of her time and expertise.  Calls that were scheduled for 90 minutes often ran longer.  She always took the time to ensure that we understood how to apply the tools, and would not close a call without addressing everyone’s questions. I found Melissa’s expertise in creating systems invaluable and I use what I learned on a daily basis.  I now believe that systems are indeed sexy and would not hesitate to engage Melissa again as a business coach.  Her coaching style is generous, open, and flexible.  Melissa meets her clients where they are and takes them to heights beyond their expectations.”

Mia RedrickMia Redrick, The Mom Strategist

“Melissa is a Master Sales Coach.  After just one hour of consultation with me she redesigned my sales process and developed a sales system that yielded $26K in 4 days.  I could say more but do I need to do that.”

Doreen RaineyDoreen Rainey, Radical Success Coach

“Melissa Hughes and I worked on my 12-month revenue plan and it provided the clarity I needed to execute with confidence.  Her guidance and consultation is unrivaled.”

Sabine Messner

Kristi Shymr, The Goal Ninja