Creating A Continuous Cycle Of Abundance  For Yourself And For Your Community.


Jamaica, march 2023


Humanity Conversations

enhance your marketing and your sales.

When you use the Humanity Conversation you seat yourself on the same side of the table as your audience. This retreat is crafted to show seasoned entrepreneur/business owner/professionals how to create a humanity message that impacts your LIFE and your BUSINESS. 

  • You want to awaken your ability to expand your reach and impact 
  • You want to be FREE to be yourself and to deeply connect with others
  • You want Abundance to flow into your life with Grace and ease  
  • You want to show up confident and let your brilliance shine
  • You don’t know what keeps holding you back to get to the next step  
  • You want to connect with other like-minded and powerful Giants
  • You are ready to experience the abundant life that is awaiting you

This is for you if...

Know there’s no competition: you can share your UNIQUE life-changing message

This transformational experience will help you:

Find Your Unique FINGERPRINT

Shine like the star you are and share your gifts

Craft a Powerful Humanity Message that resonates with your audience and creates impact.

Stand in your soul purpose

10x the impact your service and/or product has in the world 

Why settle for less when a world of abundance is waiting for you?

About Melissa Hughes

A self-made millionaire by 31, Melissa Hughes is the founder of the Live Rich. Spread Wealth. Global Movement, which is changing the lives of businesspeople worldwide. She is a master business coach, best-selling author, international speaker, and consultant. Her mission: to help entrepreneurs and individuals at large companies to accomplish their business goals (including massive profits) while staying connected to their authentic self, transforming the world, and creating lives of limitless abundance.

Known as The Guru of Implementation®, Melissa’s success, and that of her clients, is a result of her practical, proven systems for business and life success. Her clients include companies like Microsoft, Motorola, ESPN, and globally recognized speaker Lisa Nichols, star of the hit film, The Secret, as well as small start-ups and individuals.