How to Deal With Negative Co-workers

We have all had to deal with “Negative Nancy” at work.

You know the ones…

They complain about everything. They always have a reason for why things can’t work. And they may even go out of their way to minimize our successes.

So how can you deal with negativity at work – without losing your sanity?

Here are 5 simple changes you can make – starting right now:

#1 Adopt Zero Tolerance for Complaining

Even if the complaints aren’t coming out of your mouth, you are inviting others to complain to you simply by giving them a willing ear.

Instead, try to shut down the negative talk by turning it on its head and countering the complaints with a more optimistic point of view. Remember that they have just one filter, and that is: “everything is doomsday”.

By acknowledging their complaint and transforming it into a positive conversation, you will soon find that your desk will be unofficially known as the “no complain zone”.

#2 Disassociate From the Nay-Sayers

You could work at one of the top 10 most beautiful and inspiring offices in the world, but if you’re surrounded by nay-sayers, you will still leave work feeling drained of your vital energy.

So start being picky with who you spend time with. It’s better to have fewer friends who truly uplift and energize you than to allow negative people into your circle. You have control over building the environment you need to thrive.

#3 Seek Out Alliances

Make it a priority to get to know people that you resonate with. These alliances that you create will be vital to successfully completing your tasks and projects with ease. It will also help create a buffer from the negativity that can sometimes run rampant in the workplace.

#4 Be the Cheerleader

Don’t shy away from giving others praise for their presentations, ideas, contributions and projects. This encouragement and praise plays a big role in creating a positive feedback culture that boosts morale from the ground up.

#5 Treat Others Fairly

People will naturally give you their best if they are treated with respect and feel appreciated. This is the sign of a true leader. And if your goal is to grow into a leadership position, then you must act the part first.

Now I want to hear from you:

What is your biggest challenge in your workplace? And how do you deal with it?

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April 25, 2017

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