The Simple Mindset Shift to Start Bringing Joy Back Into Your Work

Your alarm clock beeps. And like every morning, you hit the snooze button at least twice before you reluctantly drag yourself out of bed.

You brush it off as fatigue.

But could it be a symptom of a larger problem?…

…a problem that affects 63% of the workforce?

Over half of all employees are deeply dissatisfied at work.

If you don’t feel excited, inspired or passionate about what you do – you are not alone. But it doesn’t have to be that way…

What if I told you that you could start bringing joy back into your work – starting today?

And what if it would only take one simple mindset shift to make it happen?

Here’s the key mindset shift that will bring back more joy into your work:

Move beyond a “fixed mindset” and adopt a “growth mindset”…

What is a fixed mindset?

A person who operates with the fixed mindset relies only on their natural talent and intelligence. Their core belief is that their level of success is pre-determined. They don’t believe they can move past the level of success that their current abilities and skills allow.

Someone with a growth mindset, on the other hand, believes that they have the capacity to transform their skills, abilities – and ultimately, their resulting success.

What does the growth vs. fixed mindset have to do with joy in the workplace?

When you adopt a growth mindset, you bring more joy to your work in these 3 fundamental ways:

#1: You Take More Risks

Instead of staying stuck in the status quo at work, the growth mindset encourages you to challenge yourself to take on new responsibilities and projects. Why?

Because you become unafraid of failure. An individual operating in the fixed mindset will only take on tasks where they are likely to succeed and receive praise.

In contrast, the person operating with the growth mindset welcomes and embraces failure because they know that it means they are one step closer to success.

#2: You Are Genuinely Happy For a Co-Worker’s Success

Let’s face it, the workplace can be a competitive environment.

You can easily get caught up in the gossip by the coffee machine: “why does Christie make more money than me?” or “how come Mike was invited to that meeting and I wasn’t?”

Every time you indulge in unhealthy competition, it negatively affects your morale and self-image. But when you adopt the growth mindset, you become genuinely inspired by the success of your co-workers. Instead of feeling diminished when someone else gets a promotion, you feel motivated to create the same success for yourself.

#3: You Thrive On Criticism

Can you remember the last time you felt criticized at work?

How did it make you feel?

Did you feel upset? Angry?

Or did you try and determine what you can learn from the feedback?

When you operate in the growth mindset, constructive criticism fuels you to become the best version of yourself.

Now I want to hear from you:

In which areas would you benefit from adopting the growth mindset?

How would it improve your work life?

One of the best ways to expand and grow is to do exactly what you’re doing right now:

Learn new things by reading articles and books, and listening to podcasts and webinars.

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April 25, 2017

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